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[TW: sexism, racism, denial thereof]just a random thought..


i dont believe any of the “ism’s” exist. I.e., racism, sexism, etc.

Oh boy. That sounds like it’s coming from a place of privilege.

you’re wrong by the way. they totally exist.

coz lets face it, an ism is a race, or sex, or whatever, hating on another.. (basically)

but we all hate on each other;

Yeah but certain groups are systematically oppressed and disadvantaged by the system, by society. Sexism isn’t really just someone ‘hating on a woman’… it’s more than that, it’s bigger. It’s about a system set up in major facets of society that fucks over women and folks read as women, shuts them down, shuts them up, diminishes their importance, etc. etc. That’s what sexism is about. It’s about othering a group of people based on nothing more than their gender.

Same with racism, heterosexism, cissexism, classism. It’s less about individuals hating on other individuals and more about a social thing, big and encompasses, fucking over groups of people based on arbitrary things, treating them like less than the standard default person (which is usually an upperclass, cis, able bodied, white man)

  • males hate on females
  • females hate on males
  • whites hate on blacks
  • blacks hate on whites

yet the males and the whites are blamed more.. 

Well that’s because society is set up in a way that favors the white men. Society is by and large skewed in favor of the (cis, upper class) white guy. And really more blame is put on the system and the fucked up nature of it than random people… unless of course the people in question are perpetuating bigotry and harmful, damaging shit. Which ain’t cool. They should get blamed for that,

some will think this is sexist or racist, but its not.

Oh no… no it totally, totally fucking is.

the isms are just something to hide behind when you have nothing to say back, or no way to defend yourself. 

Not really… the ‘isms’ are a way to articulate oppression, put a name to certain kinds of and aspects of oppression, and call out behavior that perpetuates the flawed, fucked up nature of society. It’s nice to have names for things you’re fighting against.

my belief anyway.

Good for you, with your racists, sexist belief. You’re flat pout wrong though. Sorry.

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